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Why Cygnets

Cygnets is the only Fine Art School Franchise for children in the UK. We are not an art club, but a real Art School, where students learn professional-level techniques and skills in a step-by-step way that can be remembered and repeated beyond the classroom.

"This is such a good way of starting a franchise: It's well guided with lots of support. So much is already set up for you and this really is invaluable. You don't feel like you're on your own, which you can do with starting your own business. All the help and ingenuity shown through the current climate really shows the adaptability and strength behind the company.”

How we  Teach

Cygnets teach traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, & professional quality materials. Our step-by-step teaching method means we're able to cover advanced subjects, even with our youngest students. Each project covers a new technique or medium, and is carefully designed to impart core skills that can be used for a lifetime.

Our Students' Work

DSC01860 copy.jpg

Director's  Story

I believe very much in designing the life that you want, and I really think that Cygnets is an ideal business structure to allow you to do this. I've loved watching the different schools grow and develop over the last few years, and feel so proud of the success they've achieved, and the lives they're now able to live because of it. It's a wonderful community to have created, and be a part of, and I'm extremely excited for it to expand in the future and to meet all the potential new Cygnets Headteachers out there!



100% of Cygnets Franchisees strongly agreed that being part of the Cygnets community has helped them with their business.

Our  Ethos

As screens and technology become more and more a part of our lives in the modern world, the opportunity to get lost in the simple joy of drawing, painting and making is so very important for children and adults alike. We believe that our unique projects and way of teaching should be available to all children throughout the UK: to educate and advance artistic interest, and inspire those who may not have even considered art before.

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